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The need for public transportation grew rapidly with the increase of passenger cars since 1980s; the number of cars grew by more than 10 folds in the three decades while roads only saw 20% increase during the same period. The city of Seoul heavily focused on accommodating transport needs by supplying public solutions, and easing their management through innovative application of Intelligent Transport System (ITS).

Transportation Infrastructure – Convenient Mobility

Public transportaions and roads in Seoul

Seamless Intergration: Transfer Centers connect various transportation modes in one place

Mode share

Amount of mobile source emissions

Integrated Transport System – Efficient Management

“Smart Card” – Integrated distance-based transit fare system

  • Free transfer between bus-bus and bus-subway, free transfer within 30minutes (max. 4 times).
  • Distance-based fare system
  • Introduction of transportation card called “smart card”

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