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Seoul to Share Its Best Practices With Three Selected Cities Through the Seoul ODA Challenge

  • – 95 cities in 31 countries applied for Seoul ODA Challenge, which the city launched this year, marking a 32:1     selection rate.
  • – After two evaluation rounds, Lima in Peru (transportation), Phnom Penh in Cambodia (urban planning), 
  •    and Colombo in Sri Lanka (environment) were selected as preferred bidders.
  • – The city government will consult with the preferred bidders and conduct site surveys to select Korean       
  •    contractors carrying out the proposed projects.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) launched Seoul ODA Challenge, the first official development assistance (ODA)1 project for cities in developing countries to be led by a Korean local government. Seoul, Korea’s capital, which achieved the Miracle of the Hangang River, intends to share its urban policy experiences in various fields. In this context, the SMG selected three preferred bidders for the project: Lima in Peru (transportation), Phnom Penh in Cambodia (urban planning), and Colombo in Sri Lanka (environment).

In Seoul ODA Challenge launched this year, the city government uses its own fiscal resources to identify the needs of cities in developing countries looking for ways to solve their urban issues. 95 cities from 31 countries sent applications, marking a 32:1 selection rate.

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In particular, unlike previous Seoul ODA projects that focused on infrastructure, this year’s project discovered new demands for transferring Seoul’s administrative expertise.

Phnom Penh in Cambodia requested support in developing a basic plan for its tourism and commercial centers, benchmarking Seoul’s Hongik University Street.

Lima in Peru benchmarked Seoul’s integrated transportation system and requested policy consultation on the traffic signal and control systems.

Colombo, Sri Lanka requested support for a pre-feasibility study to establish a waste-to-energy facility, following the examples of Nanjido landfill’s eco-friendly transformation and its resource recollection facilities.

The SMG will engage in preliminary consultation with the three preferred bidders and implement a site survey to select Korean contractors who will provide specific support to each city’s needs.

The SMG expects that the Challenge will contribute to achieving the globally pursued sustainable development goals (SDG) and bring Seoul closer to one of the world’s top five cities by expanding its network with city governments in developing countries.

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