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Urban development / housing


Urban development / housing

Massive housing supply via public development enabled SMG to achieve almost 100 % of housing supply ratio. In 1989, Seoul Housing and Communities Corporation (SH) was established as a role of a public land and housing developer and has contributed to the residential stability of non-homeowners.  As of today, SMG has supplied 260,000 public housing units for low-income households.

Seoul’s rate of housing supply in 1996 was at 69% but reached 97.9% by 2015 through the concerted efforts by the public and private developers.

Seoul’s Housing Overview

The number of households and houses in Seoul (1926-2011)

Source: Korea National Statistical Office, Population and Housing Census (1926-2011);
Seoul Institute, Geographical Atlas of Seoul 2013

Type of Occupancy


Public Rental Housing

Characteristics of Seoul’s Public Rental Housing

In more recent years, Seoul has experienced a structural change in the housing market. Elderly citizens and the number of single-person households continue to increase. On the other end, young adults suffer from high unemployment rates and the heavy burden of housing costs. With housing subsidy policies, SMG attempts to provide public housing based on the tenant groups’ lifecycle needs.

Type of Housing


Youth / Female

Family, Cooperative Society

Seniors & Other Cooperative


Housing Welfare System

SMG runs 11 housing welfare centers in 4 areas to manage rental housing close to the customers, and build a regional housing welfare system to offer residents with better housing management service to improve their life quality.

Building a housing welfare system
customized for each area, based on
11 housing welfare centers

Regional housing welfare center


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